5 Must Have Items For New Moms

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When you are expecting your first child, there are a plethora of items people will insist you need. Make sure you register for a good stroller & car seat. Keep your house fully stocked with diapers and onesies. Opinions will roll in about the best nipple creams, breast pumps, pacifiers, bottles, humidifiers, and detergents. Your loved ones will throw you showers laden with gifts for the baby, and you will be overwhelmed with it all.

The biggest problem I have with all of that, though, is that it leaves out the things that YOU need. Becoming a mom is hard work, and it is a significant adjustment. Luckily, I am here to give you a few pointers on making your life easier. These five things will help you to keep your sanity during those weeks or months that you are sitting at home, more tired than you’ve ever been, with your new bundle of joy.

1. A Crockpot

Seriously, this one thing probably helped me the most during those first few months. Before I delivered, I stocked my freezer with various “dump meals” that I found on Pinterest. It required a bit of prep work while I was pregnant, but it was more than worth it in the end. Even if you didn’t stock your freezer for the apocalypse, though, this is still an amazing option. A whole meal can be chucked right into one of these babies and then completely ignored until it’s time to eat. Honestly, keeping your newborn fed, dry, and content is enough work; you do not need to be worrying about what’s for dinner. It will be nice to sit down and have a meal with your hubby like a human after a day of baby tending.

2. Comfortable Loose Clothes

Girl, get yourself some good yoga pants! Get them in every color and wear them every day. I do not even want to tell you how long it was before I wore a pair of jeans again after giving birth. Your body does not just bounce back to pre-pregnancy size, and that is ok. It took ten months for your body to grow, so give it some time before it goes back. I was “lucky” enough to require a cesarian birth, and therefore I had, even more, to contend with. There is nothing like recuperating from major surgery while caring for a newborn. Aside from yoga pants and my husband’s old shirts, I wore maternity clothes for months after delivering.

3. Hulu…

… Netflix, a FireStick, or any other TV subscription that will allow you to binge watch full series and movies. Again, we are talking about a lot of time spent at home. That means you can catch up on any show you have wanted to watch in the last 15 years but never had time for. As someone who never watched a lot of TV, I found myself binging ten full seasons in weeks just because I was sitting in front of the TV rocking & feeding a child. Also, when you have a newborn, you never sleep which means you have extra hours in the day to lounge around in those comfy yoga pants crying through Gilmore Girls.

4. A Quality Coffee Machine

Honestly, I feel that every home should have a top-notch coffee pot well before children arrive. Trust me; you will thank me every day if you make this investment as a new parent. For moms who are breastfeeding, you are allowed to have a cup of coffee in the morning. Let me tell you, breastfeeding or not; you will need that coffee more now than you ever have in your entire life. You will never be more tired or drained than when you have a newborn, and coffee will taste like the nectar of the gods.

5. Grocery Delivery Service

Should you opt to only listen to one thing I have said here today, please make it this. Grocery shopping with a brand new baby is just horrible. If you are carrying a car seat around or using a bulky stroller system to navigate you will be over the entire process before you leave the produce section. Even if you are wearing your baby, you will find this tedious task to be the bane of your existence. There is also the fact that for a long while after giving birth you won’t be in much of a mood for real clothes and the outside world. Oh and did I mention that bringing a baby out in public makes other people think you are more approachable; no matter how strong your RBF game is. You will be exhausted, dressed poorly, with your hair a mess, just trying to choose an ice cream and people will come flocking over to ask approximately four million questions and comment on how cute your child is.

It is 2017, and you should not put yourself through any of this. There are a vast number of online services that will deliver your groceries, directly to your door, in a safe and judgment-free zone. I currently use Amazon Fresh, and I swear by them. Everything is always high quality and fresh, and their prices are much lower than their competition. I have tried a few different services but keep going back to Amazon, though I know they aren’t available in all areas. As a bonus, I can now buy from Whole Foods directly through Amazon. No matter what service you chose to go with, just trust me and sign up to make your life 150% easier.

What are your favorite services and products helped to keep you sane as a new mom? Share them with us in the comments!

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