Thrive in 2018

You may have noticed some radio silence around here over the last month, and for that, I apologize. To say that 2017 dragged me down would be an understatement. The year ended in a hectic fury of exhaustion and feeling I was letting myself down. However, I am determined to move forward, to grow and develop, to persevere in the face of every setback, and to smile victoriously when I achieve my dreams. I may have been slowed down, but I have no intention of stopping until I reach my goals.

I thought it would be nice to go into 2018 fresh with the intent of recentering both personally and professionally. I plan to maintain my focus throughout the year and adjust myself and my goals as necessary. Every year – every day – is what you make of it, and I aim to make this one worth remembering.

This year, aside from setting myself goals, I have decided to create a word of intention. This word will be the anchor of my entire year; it will push me toward my goals and help me to focus my purpose and priorities. After some introspection, and “trying on” a few different words I think I found the perfect fit.

In 2018, I will


Thrive: [thrahyv] verb; thrived or throve, thrived or thriven  [thriv-uh n] (Show IPA), thriving. prosper; be fortunate or successful. grow or develop vigorously; flourish.

Is there any better word to push me into being my best self?

Setting Goals For Productivity & Happiness

This year I plan to introduce monthly goal setting into my life, and therefore I have limited myself to 10 annual goals. These goals are a mixture of tangible and abstract, fun and practical, expeditious and leisurely. I have not included business goals, reading goals, family goals, or any of those narrow lists we tend to create for ourselves. Being the list-maker I am, I have, of course, set all of those things as well but they are looser and more personal. Each item on the list below will create its own small journey that I can share with you, my tribe.


Today is day 1 of 365. I am challenging myself this year to write something every day, whether it is a new post, a letter, or a poem. Each and every day I will work on honing my skills as a writer by practicing. I will set aside time, even if it’s late at night or the wee hours of the morning, to help my writing thrive.


This organizational habit was inspired by this post by Abby at Just A Girl And Her Blog. As someone who loves organization and order but can be a bit scattered it is a beautiful thing. I have been trying to integrate time blocking into my life slowly because life with a toddler often has curveballs, but this year I plan to move full-steam ahead and master the art. I am sick of watching half of my to-do list go undone because my time is not being managed and utilized properly. In order to thrive, I have to make the most of my time and maximize my productivity.


This one is both fun and practical. I haven’t yet decided what new skill I would like to add to my roster, but being a well-rounded individual involves constant learning and development. Perhaps I will learn to knit, become a Kon Mari master, or learn to make my own pickles. There are no limits really, but whatever it is, I plan to totally own it. If you’re in the market for a new skill, this nifty page offers 101 possible ideas to try!


As always, the when and where will depend on finances and appropriate timing, but the world is a great big place just begging to be discovered. Honestly, I am hoping to squeeze in a fair amount of travel this year but as two entrepreneurs trying to cultivate our baby businesses, we will take what we can get. I’d love a road trip weekend to Salem, a week in New Orleans, or an overseas excursion. The important part is that we are discovering and enjoying a place that is new to us.


As someone who loves cooking and baking, this has been on my list for a while. The ideal sourdough can be very fickle and am setting my mind to truly perfecting it this year. I will be testing different recipes and techniques until I can say I’ve truly done it. If you have a great sourdough recipe that you think I need to try email it to me at


Even in the colder months, it is important to stay connected with nature. I am always much happier when I get a decent amount of time outdoors. For that reason, I intend to be doing more of it this year. It can be very easy, especially when working from home, to become a house hermit for days on end. I will not allow myself more than one consecutive day of being cooped up indoors. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday will have at least 30 minutes of outdoor time, whether it’s a little walk around town, shoveling some snow, or drinking coffee in the yard. Once the weather gets nice again I will obviously spend as much time as I can outdoors.


This is a thing I have wanted to do since last year when I learned about it. As someone who obsesses over travel, loves sharing experiences, and revels in the wonders of my city it seemed like such a perfect route for me to take. Unfortunately, last year, many things cropped up that prevented me from seeing this pursuit to fruition. This year I will remain determined and I plan to become a licensed tour guide by April. I will share my journey with you and hope you enjoy it as much as I know I will.


Self-care is so important yet it seems to come last for many of us. Taking good care of myself and cultivating my own hobbies and interests allows me to be the best version of myself. Being a happy and well-rounded individual makes me a better mother, spouse, friend, and colleague. Ironically, when we become parents we tend to redefine self-care. We act as if showering, eating breakfast, or getting a haircut can sufficiently serve as “me time”.  For this reason, so many of us end up feeling run ragged. I plan to block out real time, 2 to 3 hours a week, that I will dedicate to myself. Whether it’s painting, reading a book, or getting a good manicure it will be some time I truly invest in myself and my happiness.


I have been dying to take a recreational cooking class for quite some time now. This will be the year I actually go for it. I love cooking and cultivating recipes and I think it would great to expand on this skill by learning from a pro. NYC has no shortage of amazing places to learn bread baking, cheese making, and cake decorating. I plan to do a little research and enroll in at least one course this year.


This is perhaps the most important goal on my list and will likely require the most reminding. I am always my own worst critic and set expectations for myself that are often unreasonable. This year I want to be kind to me and be my biggest cheerleader. I will be proud of my attempts, forgive my failures, and push for greatness while loving myself.

I wish you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year and I look forward to sharing the challenges and joys of 2018 with you.


What are you most looking forward to accomplishing this year? Have you set yourself goals and intentions, or do you have a different tradition? Let us know about it!

44 thoughts on “Thrive in 2018

  1. I love the word you chose for this year Jill. It’s so positive and filled with promise not just to grow, but to flourish while you’re doing it too. It’s a great way to approach a New Year. Wishing you all of the very best for 2018 and I’d love to know when you figure out how to make that perfect sourdough. That’s something I’ve never been able to get right

    1. Thank you. I have had some worries that the word I chose might be too big, but I keep pushing them from my head and promising that I will make it happen. And that sourdough…the white whale of bread baking! I swear, I will conquer it if it is the last thing I do.

  2. I’m sorry to hear you had a tough 2017, I did too so I know how you’re feeling. It was definitely a year that ripped me apart, so that’s why I’m looking forward to this new year for this fresh start. I love your word for this year, mine is “Brave” Best of luck with your goals for the new year!

    1. Sorry to hear your year sucked as well. So many people I speak to feel that way about 2017. Hopefully, this year is loads better though. Brave is such a great word to go with, I’m sure you will do awesome with it!

  3. Sorry to hear that 2017 exhausted you but I hope that 2018 will be kinder to you and you have some great tips that can help us all thrive this year. I liked the idea of practicing self care weekly x

  4. The fact that you are able to pick yourself back up after a hard year speaks volumes. So many people stay down but you have set goals for a new year and new possibilities. Things are definitely looking up for you!

    1. Thank you for that. Sometimes, we just need to hear we are headed in the right direction so I appreciate it, for sure. I have been down before and you learn that it’s just part of life. There will be ups and downs, but those ups are so much better when you fight for them.

  5. I would love to take cooking classes! and also gain new skills! blogging has given me quite a lot of skills but i still want to learn more! i also want to travel more! great list of goals!

    1. Thank you! You should totally do it. I have wanted to do both forever and just kept making excuses about timing and blah blah, but really, I know it will be time well spent. Plus it will be fun!!

  6. These are wonderful goals. We have some similar ones. I want to travel more mostly nature trips and write more. Writing
    something everyday is a wonderful idea. I should probably do that too. Wishing you good luck in 2018.

    1. I figure that if I write every single day I will be able to make it a habit and eventually I won’t even have to think about it. Wishing you a great 2018 as well!

  7. These are all great ideas to welcome in the new year, self care is important and yes you should be easier on yourself! Sometimes being too hard on yourself can really set you back and stop you from shining at your fullest! Best of luck with all these goals, I am sure you’ll do great!

    1. I have noticed that as well! When I am being too critical of myself I halt all forward movement and it creates this vicious cycle. This year I plan to end that!

  8. These are all great goals and I hope you can achieve so many of them! I definitely want to travel more this year and the coming next year so hopefully we both can do so! 🙂

  9. Such an amazing idea, I love the word you have chosen, so progressive and motivating. Learning new skills and self care are also in my goal list for this year. I hope you accomplish them all, Best of Luck!

  10. Thrive is such a great word for intention. When I set my intentions for the year, I didn’t use a specific word, but I think that’s a great idea! It can be overwhelming at times to try to do all the things we set out at the beginning of the year. Some days you do just have to approach everything one day at a time. Good luck with your goals and intention!

    1. Thank you! You are so right, we have to take each day as it comes. Not every day will be a win, but that is okay! So long as we continue to strive for the best for ourselves then we’ve accomplished so much.

  11. Good luck with your goals for 2018. Thrive is a good mantra. We just made our first home made bread so can identify with he feeling!

  12. Nicley planned .. all the very best to you ..even i too need to set some of my monthly goals ans try to achieve it

  13. I love the word thrive, it definitely kept me going through a lot of hectic and crazy times. I hope your 2018 is amazing and full of great experiences. My goal for this year is to explore more and love myself more. I definitely would suggest self care for you, that’s always important.

    1. Those are great goals as well. I hope that thrive keeps me going as it did for you! Best of luck this year, I hope you have a wonderful one!

  14. Girl you got this! The old year is gone and I hope you accomplish every one of these goals!!

  15. These are some great goals! I love that you are using “Thrive” as your theme! Happy New Year! You got this!

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