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10 Fun Friend Date Ideas

There is no bond like that of a lady and her best friend. Disagree? Go ahead and fight me on it. The thing is, however, that as we get older, there just isn’t as much time available to spend with our besties as there used to be. It seems to happen suddenly because we can’t gauge the passage of time. It’s as if one moment we are planning last minute road trips and sharing girl talk over happy hour nachos. The next moment, though, we are rescheduling plans and forgetting to call each other back all week.

Careers, spouses, children, and any other number of obligations tend to prevent us from spending as much time as we would like with our friends. Often, we squeeze in a catch up over coffee or agree to go to the same social function even if it’s too loud and hectic to have a conversation. I don’t know about you, but I want to be able to sit and connect with my friends. I want to continue cultivating the bond that we spent years building because friends are important. Even throughout the years of being mommy and wife, our friendships are invaluable. They remind us of who we are as individuals, push us toward our best selves, and support us through the hardest times of our lives.

1. Take a class together

This is a great idea that is 100% adaptable to you and your friend. Are you guys super into fitness? Check out a local kickboxing class together. Are you both secretly obsessed with food? There is bound to be a few cooking classes nearby to help you bond. Are your creative souls being stifled by the routine of day-to-day life? Find an art class, writing class, or even a PaintNite near you and let your originality flow.

2. Have a picnic.

I have a confession to make here; I am picnic obsessed. The whole concept of eating artisan foods outdoors while sipping wine and jovially laughing has gripped my interest since I was young. Picnics make great date ideas for anyone, including your best friend. Pack up an old school basket with all of your favorite foods and head to your preferred outdoor locale. With or without wine, a picnic will surely be a hit, as you and your friend catch up on life and the latest episodes Lucifer (or whatever your favorite show is).

3. Make brunch

Anybody can show up at a restaurant and order too many mimosas while dishing the latest life gossip, Sex & The City style. Why not show off your culinary prowess with this much cozier and more budget-friendly option? There are troves of excellent brunch recipes to try on the internet, and you can get in some real quality time with your bestie over those brunch nachos, all without having to put on makeup or fancy clothes. You can even turn this into a standing date where one of you hosts each month. Hell, you can invite along some other friends and turn it into a potluck brunch; just make sure someone responsible is in charge of bringing those mimosas.

4. Go wine tasting

For this plan, I, naturally, recommend you recruit a designated driver. Check out the Local Wine Events site if you aren’t sure of where to go near you. Most wine tastings are very reasonably priced and offer a fancy feeling environment for you to bond while getting tipsy. If there are no good wine tastings near you, feel free to host your own. You can pick up a few bottles of wine to try or make a party out of it and have everyone bring a bottle.

5. Have a movie marathon & pajama party

Gather up all your favorite movies, or line them up on your Netflix/Hulu queue and have your bestie over.It may no longer be possible to have a sleepover as you did in high school, but you can absolutely wear your coziest pajamas and watch all of your old favorites while enjoying some good old-fashioned girl talk.

6. Be silly tourists together

You may be surprised to realize how much you genuinely enjoy seeing sights your mind has quarantined as “for tourists only.” Why not go out and truly revel in the things about your city that attracts all those out-of-towners? Chances are you haven’t seen The Statue of Liberty, The Liberty Bell, or Mount Rushmore up close and personal – unless it was that obligatory class trip you took in 5th grade.  While you’re out and about, treat your city as if you are seeing it for the first time. You will be amazed at the awesome things you might discover.

7. Start your own book club

Do you and your bestie both love to read? This is a great way to spend time together, share a hobby, and grow your social circle. As a bonus, you will get to discover new books and always have something to talk about.

8. Go to a museum

I cannot be the only person who sincerely loves museums. Seriously, they are great. They’re even better when you are wandering through them with your best friend, gaining cultural knowledge. You can add a little depth to your conversations by discussing the hidden political agenda behind certain art or just talk about how fly some of those primitive costumes are. Most museums have free days or suggested donations, so this does not have to cost you a fortune. You get to learn something new and spend some quality time with your bestie; it’s a win-win.

9. Have a game night

This is a great idea for just 2 of you, or for a whole crowd. You can even use the game night as a way to introduce your potential romantic partners to your true soul mate (i.e., your best friend). Dig out some Cards Against Humanity and get to see a side of your friends you never knew existed, or whip out your cutthroat monopoly skills. Either way, just remember that friendly competition is only fun when it stays friendly, so share some laughs and be a good sport.

10. Go on a seasonal adventure

No matter where you live there are sure to be things that you can only do in certain seasons. Go ice skating and hit up some Christmas markets in the winter. Check out a local botanical garden in the spring. Spend a summer day lounging on the beach or strolling through a street festival. Fall is a great time to check out harvest fairs or try your hand at fruit picking. The possibilities are endless.


Now go! Off with you! Call your best friend and start planning your next fun day together.

What are some of your favorite ways to spend time with your best friend?

27 thoughts on “10 Fun Friend Date Ideas

  1. I love number 5 especially when it’s a bigger group! Me and my high school friends used to do this every christmas holidays with harry potter movies 🙂 it was always such a fun time!

  2. With all the hectic schedule from family and career, we tend to forget spending quality time with our dearest friends. Should we know that sometime in our life we need a friend to talk to and a friend who could comfort us in times of need? A good quality time is the best way to make friendship strong as having another family member.

  3. Such fabulous ideas! My sister is my best friend and while I see her all the time it is nice for us to get together for some proper grown up sister time. I love the class suggestion, what a great way to spend time together and learn in the process 🙂

  4. Those are all awesome ideas! I love taking classes with my BFF. Get to learn something new and spend time with each other. Great Post.

  5. These are great ideas for best friend nights. I love going wine tasting and having a movie marathon. I wish my best friend lived closer so I could do all of these things together with her. Thank you for sharing this!

    1. That is the worst part of getting older, I think. Our best friends are no longer a stones throw away. But that just means we need to make our time with them that much better.

  6. Great ideas and will share with my friends! The only barrier I see in todays busy lives is finding a matching date on our calendars. ;(

    1. Indeed, that always seems to be the problem. Though, it just means that we have to make our time together that much more amazing.

  7. Those are some great awesome ideas. Take a class together and start your own book club and go for Seasonal adventure are such a fantastic to do with our friends.

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