Boho Chic Home Office Inspiration

Most of you don’t know this, but we currently live in a tiny apartment. There are three of us sharing about 550 square feet. 300 of those square feet are occupied by toys because that’s what life is like when you have kids. As an introvert, these close quarters can wear me down most days.

I do about 90% of my work from either our dining table or the couch. The TV is always blaring in my face as I try to write. Nikki is continuously vying for my attention, bringing me toys and asking me to play. The hours when Nick is home I try to sneak into the bedroom for a few hours for some concentrated work.

Basically, what I’m saying is that my work situation is less than ideal. I’m dreaming of the day that Nick and I buy a house. I lay out and decorate the entire thing over and over in my head. I envision a gourmet kitchen, massive dining room table, and a playroom to store the mounds of toys. Lately, given my current lifestyle, I dream most about what I want in my home office. After trolling the internet for hours on end, I have put together the wishlist of my favorite office items.

 My Home Office Wishlist

As you can see my aesthetic is a mishmash of boho and rustic design, but it works, and I love it. I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time on Pinterest for inspiration. I really love natural wood paired with blue and gold tones. It gives me a very calming and serene feel which I think is perfect for a home office. Like any room, I think the details are what makes it which is why I’ve included art and decor on my wishlist. The right artwork is everything.

We should get on buying a house since I have the whole thing designed already.

Here are some photos that inspired me:

Boho chic home office Boho Chic Home Office Rustic Home Office


Where do you draw home decor inspiration from? What are some of your favorite design aesthetics? Tell me in the comments!

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