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Welcome to Cappuccinos & Chaos!

Pour yourself a large caffeinated drink, pull up a seat, and stay a while. In short this is a NYC based, lifestyle blog. In detail, though, I discuss anything and everything. Expect to read about hectic holidays, savvy travel, parenting mishaps, culinary misadventures, and everything in between. I am on a journey to pursue my passions, find life’s balance, and be the best version of myself.

Why Cappuccinos & Chaos?

Every single day of my life seems to be a little bit more chaotic than the one before it. Juggling marriage, motherhood, volunteering, work, and every responsibility in between has become an impossible balancing act. Highly caffeinated and caught in a whirlwind of crazy, I take on each day.

I started this blog because I know that I am not alone in this challenging journey. It is incredibly common for so many people in today’s day and age as we are pursuing careers, raising families, fostering friendships, volunteering and saying that we have it all. We push away the exhaustion and often put ourselves last on the list of priorities.

Which brings me to question, do we really have it all, though? Are we living our best lives? It was Dr. Bob Moorehead who said, “We’ve learned how to make a living, but not a life; we’ve added years to life, not life to years.” Those words have always stuck with me and made me question what it means to add life to my years.

The Voice Behind It All

So who am I, exactly?

I’m Jill, a 29 year old on a mission to add life to my years. I am married to a loyal, hard-working, and supportive man who I fell madly in love with the moment he kissed me back in February of 2010. Seven years later and I still know, without a doubt, that he is my soulmate; no matter how mad he drives me at times. Together, we have one beautiful daughter who has added to both the chaos and caffeine levels in our lives, and has made our hearts fuller than we ever knew they could be. She came into the world full of tenacity and ferocity and has not slowed down since. We are raising our family in our native Queens, New York, with the world at our fingertips.

As for me, well, I always describe myself as a wife and a mother but, like everyone, there is so much more to me. I am a writer, a bookworm, a food enthusiast, and a traveler. I enjoy painting, writing letters, drinking wine, and baking all of the delicious things. I’m a native New Yorker with a painfully thick accent who is in a life-long love/hate relationship with my city. I’m a certified Emergency Medical Technician who volunteers with a local fire department. I have a passion for planning events and pulling off epic fundraisers. I get immensely nerdy about history, love hockey, and wish I could live in a world of perpetual autumn days.

As you may have noticed, I am working on becoming a more balanced individual and moving toward ensuring that I live life to the fullest. This means exploring my beautiful city, the corners of my country, and foreign lands. I am pursuing everything that sets my soul on fire while seeking adventure at every turn. I am embracing the chaos fully and learning that my best life exists within it.

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